Bus Tours:

Tracie Barry, Director of Sales & Marketing has been working with bus tours for over 20 years.  With 100 – 2 Queen bedded rooms, we can accommodate most buses.  Free bus parking, and complimentary on board welcome by a staff member helps acclimate your guests to the hotel and area.  Baggage handling is available for a small fee and is optional.  Discounted bus breakfast prices are available.  Please contact Tracie Barry directly at 413-553-2182 or for rates and availability.

Wedding Blocks:

Wedding hotel block
After deciding on a venue for your ceremony and reception many couples then consider where their out of town guests will stay while attending the wedding. When choosing the Holiday Inn & Suites - Berkshires the rate your group receives depends upon the number of rooms you want to reserve, the type of block would you like to reserve, and the number of nights you would like to reserve.  Please be aware that the Holiday Inn & Suites - Berkshires does not offer courtesy blocks and that there are required deposits when reserving.

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE THE NUMBER OF ROOMS TO RESERVE FOR YOUR WEDDING BLOCK?  The hotel requires that you have an estimated number of rooms you will need before reserving the room block. To determine the number of rooms you will need to consider the amount of guests that are attending the wedding and subtract 10%-15%. (Typically, 10%-15% of the guests invited will, unfortunately, not be able to attend and send regrets). Once you have your guest list take that number and divide it in half. (Most attendees will be couples/families and will be staying in one room)

Subtract the number of rooms for local couples and/or families that you know will not want to stay overnight.  Remember that most attendees who live locally will not want/need a room, particularly if there is a two night minimum stay requirement. Please note that if your wedding reception is here at the Holiday Inn & Suites - Berkshires, some rooms (actual number depends on size of wedding reception) will have the two night minimum stay requirement waived. Due to the limited quantity of rooms that a one night stay is allowed for, many brides will save those rooms for their bridal party. The number you have arrived at is the estimated number of rooms you will need for your block.

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF BLOCKS OFFERED BY THE HOTEL? The Holiday Inn & Suites - Berkshires offers two types of room blocks: Guaranteed Blocks and Unguaranteed Blocks (Cut Off Blocks). The primary difference is the amount of time guests have to reserve at the special rate, and who is responsible for paying for the rooms in the block that are not reserved. The individual guest is responsible for paying for their own rooms with either option.

Guaranteed Blocks: Guests call the hotel directly and reserve their room at the group rate. They can do this up to 24 hours prior to their arrival date. It is your responsibility to pay for the number of rooms x the number of nights + tax, for all rooms that were not used but were set aside in a guaranteed block. Please note that guaranteed blocks are non-cancellable upon contracting.

When reserving a guaranteed block a deposit is not required however you will be asked to provide a credit card to secure the block. This credit card will be charged 24 hours prior to the arrival date for all unreserved rooms x the number of nights reserved plus tax. You will receive notification and invoice prior to your credit card being charged.

Unguaranteed Blocks (Cut off Blocks): Unguaranteed blocks are assigned a "cut-off date". At the cutoff date, all rooms that were set aside in your block but not reserved are released back into our general inventory and you are not responsible for paying for them. Guests who call to make reservations for your wedding after the cutoff date can still reserve a room, based upon availability but will not receive the group block rate.

  • Unguaranteed Blocks of 10-15 rooms: Guests call the hotel directly and reserve their room at the group rate. The cutoff date is 30 days prior to the arrival date.  There is a $150.00 deposit required.
  • Unguaranteed Blocks of 16-25 rooms: Guests call the hotel directly and reserve their room at the group rate. The cutoff date is 60 days prior to the arrival date. There is a $250.00 deposit required.

Deposits are refundable if the number of rooms x the number of night reserved in your block is satisfied. The deposit is non-refundable if this number is not consumed. The hotel assumes the risk of the remaining rooms not picking up unless otherwise noted. There is a 10 room minimum requirement to establish a block of rooms. Guests will pay on their own for their individual reservations.

SHOULD I RESERVE ONE NIGHT OR TWO? When the date that you wish to reserve has the option of choosing one night or two night stays there is going to be a difference in rate.  For groups interested in reserving a one night (Saturday) stay, in most cases no discount will be given, holding the rooms and offering the one night stay will act in lieu of a discounted rate.  When reserving two nights, the rate is typically lower than any rates you will find online.  There are exceptions to this such as a special event date or holiday.  Please ask for details when providing your interest in either a one or two night stay.

For more information or to reserve please contact Tracie Barry, Director of Sales at 413-553-2182 or